Verona Groverman Consultancy
Ruysdaelkade 9
1072 AG Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 6 46 14 15 00
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Verona Groverman Consultancy’s recipe

Verona Groverman Consultancy shares with you her recipe for a successful assessment of program or organisational performance

  • Work togehter with a local team of facilitators or evaluators
  • Stir gently while pouring a dash of teambuilding energizers
  • Add a tablespoon commitment creation spice
  • Slowly mix with a teacup ‘focus on outcomes and process’
  • Sprinkle with finely chopped participatory and inclusive (learning) tools
  • Flavour with eye-openers
  • Turn the mixture into a wide bowl and serve with a drink and lots of laughter.

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