Verona Groverman Consultancy
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1072 AG Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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Welcome to the website of Verona Groverman Consultancy ‘Facilitating in Change’

Verona Groverman closed down her one- woman consultancy by January 2021. She was specialised in evaluation and facilitation of processes of change, with a particular focus on gender equality and social inclusion.

People with different social and cultural backgrounds and life experiences increasingly interact in our continuously changing world. Challenging opportunities lie ahead but many women and men lack access, space and power to seize them.

Verona Groverman is:

  • well-experienced in bringing women’s and men’s differing perspectives and ideas together to come to a shared vision, an accepted plan, strategy or a future scenario.
  • competent in building bridging in multi-stakeholder settings
  • skilled in increasing men’s and women’s insights and knowledge in social and gender issues and the complexity of power relations.
  • familiar with guiding and coaching individuals and organisations in processes of change.

Characteristic of her approach in evaluation and facilitation was promoting the involvement of different stakeholders and their exchange of ideas, perceptions and experiences through careful design and choice of methods.

Verona Groverman started her consultancy firm in April 2001, by then building on 20 years experience in development co-operation. She supported NGOs, (semi)governmental organisations and networks.

She has expertise in rural development and organisational development , and often works at the interface of social and technical fields, such as food systems, water and natural resource management, small business development, marketing, and energy.


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