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The Netherlands

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Verona Groverman Consultancy inputs to Climate-Change Adaptation

Farmer women and men are again in the picture! The challenges they face today due to climate change, food insecurity, changes in land use, and other, global, crises are rightfully getting attention. They urge us to critically reflect on our experiences and learning over the past years.  We need to search for new approaches and avenues to climate-change adaptation and enhancement of farmers’ capacity to cope and adapt. Verona Groverman believes that the challenges can only be addressed through the concerted efforts of a multitude of actors and by empowering those who lack access and control over resources – due to their gender, health status, social and cultural backgrounds.

Using her dual background of sociology/anthropology and ecology Verona Groverman supported a variety of rural organizations and institutions and groups of farmer men and women in processes of change since the 1980s. Building on my experiences I wanted to make extra efforts towards the case of farmer women and men and contribute to sustainable and equitable change.

What did Verona Groverman Consultancy offer?

  • Support to organizations in climate-change adaptation
  • Support to organizations to ensure gender and HIV responsiveness and sensitivity to the process of change


  • Facilitating of processes of change
  • Capacity building applying a reflective and learning approach
  • Promoting exchange between stakeholders using a variety of participatory methods
  • Evaluation, assessment and studies.

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