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CV – Expertise in water, land, food, energy and other sectors

CV – Experiences related to water, land, food, and energy  – evaluation and facilitation

  • Lead evaluator in the Mid-term Review of the Gender and Water Programme in Bangladesh (GWAPB) for EKN Bangladesh
    2015 (April-June)
  • Gender Review of the ToC and Logframe of the Gender and Water Programme in Bangladesh (GWAPB) for EKN Bangladesh
    2015 (February)
  • Developing programming guidelines on gender-smart greening of food systems (Hivos), the Netherlands
    2014 (October -November)
  • Lead evaluator (Final evaluation) of the EWA programme in South Africa (Women’s empowerment focusing on food security), (Women in Europe for a Common Future)
    2014 (July)
  • Evaluator (Mid-term Evaluation) of the EWA programme (Women’s empowerment focusing on food security and business development), (Women in Europe for a Common Future)
    2014 (May-August)
  • Advising on the appraisal of the World Bank proposal – INGA3 project, DRC, for Dutch Sustainability Unit
    2014 (March)
  • Team member of the feasibility study on the Use of Metal Silos to Reduce Post-harvest Losses of Grains (SDC), Central Corridor of Tanzania
    2012 (January, February)
  • Co-evaluator of the Thematic Evaluation “Struggle for land, water and food” with data collection in Cambodia (May) (Oxfam Novib)
    2013 (March – August)
  • Co-evaluator of the Energy Access Programme (MFS-I funded) implemented by EASE (Energy Access network) and ENERGIA (Gender and Energy network) with field trips to Nepal , Tanzania (ETC Foundation)  2010 (June – November)
  • Team leader of the mid-term evaluation of the social marketing project “Environmental Agri-business Marketing Project for small farmers” (CEOSS), Egypt
    2008 (October)
  • Team member Evaluation of the regional EMPOWERS Partnership Project on local water governance (CARE International/EU). Egypt, Jordan, Palestine
    2007 (May,June)
  • Team leader of the participatory evaluation of the Agro-Environmental Expansion Project, Minia and Beni Sueif Governorates, (ICCO/CEOSS), Egypt
    2005 (November– December)
  • Evaluation of the Asia/South Pacific Program of Heifer Project International (livestock/community development) with a focus on Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia (country program offices) and Hong Kong (fundraising office) (HPI)
    2004 (May – September)
  • Mission to start-up the Energy and Poverty Programme EASE in Vietnam (ETC Energy) Vietnam
    2003 (June)
  • Institutional support to the gender mainstreaming process in the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, Egypt (macro-level policy development, strengthening gender unit, capacity building). (APP). Egypt
    2003 (April/May), 2002 (October)
  • Facilitator of a strategy-workshop and a preparatory meeting for an energy/gender network (ENERGIA), followed by proposal development with capacity building for its Phase III. (ETC Energy). The Netherlands
    2002 (February, March), 2001 (December)
  • Resource person/participant in a Search Conference on ‘An integrated approach to water management and food security’. The Netherlands
    2001 (February)
  • Team leader evaluation of a network of organisations engaged in sustainable land use in Ethiopia and Eritrea (Novib), Ethiopia
    2000 (June)
  • Team leader Impact Assessment Study Ratnapura IRDP covering a 12-year period (DGIS), Sri Lanka
    1998 (January – July)
  • Support missions to strengthen institutional aspects in the WID Programme of an irrigation project in South Sumatra (Haskoning/EU), Indonesia
    1998 (March), 1997 (November)
  • Synthesis study for Policy Development on Food Security and Nutritional Improvement (final part of Programme Evaluation VPO Programme). (Novib, Caritas NL, Dutch Interchurch Aid)
    1997 (March/April)
  • Team leader Evaluation Mission of a NGO focusing on sustainable land use and community development (Novib), Eritrea
    1997 (June/July)
  • Evaluation of Participatory Rural Development Project (involvement of rural poor in development through self-help groups) (FAO/DGIS), Pakistan
    1996 (September)
  • Missions to promote participation and gender issues in a sustainable land use project of a Haitian NGO (ICCO), Haiti
    1996 (June), 1997 (June)
  • Team leader Programme Evaluation on Food Security and Nutrition Improvement (Preparation, mission to India (March 1996), reporting). (Novib, Caritas NL, Dutch Interchurch Aid)
    1995 (November) – 1996 (July)
  • Resource person for the Review of the Environmental Impact Statement of APWELL, India (Working group Environmental Impact Assessment), The Netherlands
    1995 (May, June)
  • Support to the Programme Sustainable Land Use in Latin-America (analysis of counterpart projects) (ICCO), The Netherlands
    1995 (April-June)
  • Mid-Term Review People’s Participation Project (rural development through the promotion of self-help organisations) (FAO/DGIS), Zambia
    1994 (October)
  • Team leader of the Programme Evaluation on Sustainable Land Use in Southern Africa (preparation, mission to Botswana and reporting) (HIVOS/DGIS)
    1994 (February-July)
  • Review of the gender project “Training and support of women groups in agriculture” (part of an extension project) (Coopibo), Tanzania
    1993 (December)
  • Evaluation of integrated water management project with a focus on farmers’ participation (Systems Rehabilitation Project) (DGIS and World Bank), Bangladesh
    1993 (October-November)
  • Mission on sociological and institutional issues of water resources management (farmers’ participation) for Capacity Building in Water Resources Sector Project (UNDP), Yemen
    1993 (June)
  • Support missions focusing on planning, action research, participatory training on irrigation manage­ment and gender issues and on the production of a training module for the Production Management Unit Project (DGIS), India
    1993 (February, July), 1992 (January -February, September, December), 1991 (July, October-November)
  • Rural sociologist responsible for project management, set up of a monitoring and evaluation system, training of staff and beneficiaries, extension, production of training material, income generation/credit through on and off-farm activities in the People’s (Women’s) Participation Project (rural development through promotion of self-help organisations) (FAO), Swaziland
    January 1988 – December 1990
  • Rural sociologist responsible for project management, set up of a monitoring and evaluation system, training of staff and beneficiaries, extension, income generati­on/cre­dit (on and off-farm activities), women’s and literacy programmes in the People’s Participation Project (rural development through promotion of self-help organisations) (FAO), Pujehun, Sierra Leone
    June 1984 –  November 1986

CV – Experiences related to water, land, food, and energy  – capacity building

  • Developing a handbook for farmer leaders as promoters of farmers groups in the context of farmers organizations (part 1) (Agriterra), The Netherlands
    2009 (November -December)
  • Designing and facilitating a training on Strengthening Gender Mainstreaming in Environment and Energy. UNDP Environment and Energy Group, UNDP Headquarters, New York
    2006 (December)
  • Designing and conducting a training on leadership concepts and skills for agricultural researchers and policy makers in the ASARECA region (CIAT/ECAPAPA), venue: Uganda
    2006 (November)
  • Co-facilitator and resource person in the annual international course on “Gender, Organisational Change, Agriculture and leadership” (IAC). The Netherlands
    2001 – 2004, 1999
  • Planning and implementing gender mainstreaming in S-E Asia (Vietnam); facilitator and co-ordinator in the course ‘Gender and Rural Transformation in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Vietnam’ for (semi)government institutes and universities. (IAC/SEARCA), The Philippines); with a follow-up to coach and to further build capacities of the main actors in the gender mainstreaming process in Vietnam
    2003 (June), 2002 (November/ December)
  • Resource person on Social/Gender analysis in Agricultural Research/ Extension (ICRA, IAC), The Netherlands
    1997 (February)
  • Co-organiser and leader of the course “Environment and Sustainable Development (DGIS/SNV), The Netherlands  1997 (January)
    1996 (January, August)
  • Resource person on participatory approaches in Natural Resource Management in a course on “Environment and Sustainable Development” (DGIS/SNV), The Netherlands
    1996 (December)
  • Co-organiser and leader of the annual international course on “Gender in Policy Development for Sustainable Land Use” (IAC/ETC), The Netherlands
    1994, 1995, 1996
  • Production of a manual for field staff of development projects directed towards self-reliance of rural poor, with a focus on group formation, promotion of income generation, participatory monitoring and evaluati­on (FAO), The Netherlands
    1992 (June-July)

CV – Experiences in other sectors

  • Evaluator (end evaluation) of the EU-funded project ‘Mobilising Europe for a Living Wage for Garment Workers’, for Clean Clothes Campaign
    2016 (January –  February)
  • Lead-writer of the IICD’s publication ‘Promoting Equal Chances for Women and Men to Use and Benefit from ICT-enabled Solutions’ (incl. document review, case study development and analysis) (MFA/GRF)
    2015 (April – October)
  • Coordinator of activities related to CRS – Sector Risk Analysis using a gender perspective, for Dutch Gender Platform
    2014 (April)
  • Facilitator of Face-to-Face workshops for the ICCO Alliance (Food and Nutrition Security; RBA & Gender, Conflict transformation; Basic health/HIV) (ICCO), the Netherlands
    2012 (June), 2011 (May,  September)
  • Study to explore the market opportunities of a comprehensive approach focusing on supporting NGOs/CBOs worldwide engaged in HIV/STI prevention for LGBT (Schorer)
    2011 (June – October)
  • Study on HIV mainstreaming models and sustainability for JOHMET, East Africa (Oxfam International/GB) (for strategy development)
    2010 (February)
  • Exploratory study on capacities of organisations and networks of People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) and their role in putting the GIPA Principle (Greater/Meaningful involvement of PLHIV) into practice (for donor policy development) (STOP AIDS NOW!, The Netherlands)
    2008 (June) – 2009 (March)
  • Facilitating a self-assessment of HIV and AIDS competence using a gender perspective in three countries: Malawi (Oxfam Novib, The Hunger Project Malawi ), Kenya (Oxfam Novib/PeaceNet), Uganda (Oxfam Novib/LABE),  Bangladesh (Oxfam Novib/HASAB). A workshop in Pakistan (Oxfam Novib) was geared to familiarise the participants with the methodology
    2008 (April), 2007 (March, August – October)
  • Inputs in various courses on HIV and AIDS for master students (Van Hall/ Larenstein, The Netherlands)
    2008 (February, June)
  • Team leader of the Participatory Gender and Rights Audit of the Kampala Office of DanChurchAid (Political Space and HIV and AIDS Programmes) (DanChurchAid), Uganda
    2007 (November)
  • Developing a Facilitator’s Guide for NGOs to self-assess their HIV and AIDS competence using a gender perspective (Oxfam Novib, testing in Mozambique and India )
    2006 (January-October)
  • Strategy Evaluation of the Asia WID-Programme of a trade union, including a mission to India (FNV-Mondiaal/IAC)
    2004 (July –  September)
  • Facilitator in three Communication trainings on HIV/AIDS and Gender (NOVIB). The Netherlands
    2002 (May, June)
  • Team member in the Mid-Term Review of a social welfare/housing programme in the plantation sector (Plantation Development Support Programme) (RNE),  Sri Lanka
    2001 (September)

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