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CV – Evaluation

CV – Assignments related to evaluation, studies, and monitoring & evaluation

  • Advisor: member of Technical Review Team (2018, CABI/Plantwise impact review), , member of the External Reference Group (2019 – 2020, UTZ sector partnership program)
  • Team leader evaluation of the Hands on the Land for Food Sovereignty Campaign by the HotL4FS Alliance, TNI 2017 (September – December)
  • Team leader evaluation of FoEI’s project ‘Building Peoples’ Food Sovereignty through supporting agroecology and investments to and for smallholders’, for Friends of the Earth International
    2017 (March – June)

  • Team leader Evaluability assessment of Plantwise Programme Pakistan, for CABI/Plantwise
    2016 (June – November)

  • Evaluator (end evaluation) of the EU-funded project ‘Mobilising Europe for a Living Wage for Garment Workers’, for Clean Clothes Campaign
    2016 (January –  February)
  • Lead evaluator of the end evaluation of the EWA programme (Women’s economic and political empowerment, incl. lobby and advocacy) with field work in Kyrgyzstan and Georgia, for Women in Europe for a Common Future
    2015 (Octobre – December
  • Lead-writer of the IICD’s publication ‘Promoting Equal Chances for Women and Men to Use and Benefit from ICT-enabled Solutions (incl. document review, case study development and analysis) (MFA/GRF)
    2015 (April – Octobre)
  • Supporting the draft of a M&E and research strategy, for CABI
    2015 (August)
  • Lead evaluator in the Mid-term Review of the Gender and Water Programme in Bangladesh (GWAPB) for EKN Bangladesh
    2015 (April-June)
  • Gender Review of the ToC and Logframe of the Gender and Water Programme in Bangladesh (GWAPB) for EKN Bangladesh
    2015 (February)
  • Advising on participatory approaches/ M&E, for Red een Kind, the Netherlands
    2014 (November)
  • Lead evaluator (Final evaluation) of the EWA programme in South Africa (Women’s empowerment focusing on food security), for Women in Europe for a Common Future
    2014 (July)
  • Evaluator (Mid-term Evaluation) of the EWA programme (Women’s empowerment focusing on food security and business development in six countries), for Women in Europe for a Common Future
    2014 (May-August)
  • Co-evaluator of the Evaluation of the Programmatic Approach with field visits to Vietnam (water management) and Uganda (basic health/ HIV) for the ICCO Alliance
    2013 (June) – 2014 (February)
  • Co-evaluator of the Thematic Evaluation “Struggle for land, water and food” with data collection in Cambodia (May) for Oxfam Novib
    2013 (March- August)
  • Conducting a Meta-evaluation and Synthesis study of the 2010 Pakistan floods response by SHO members (SHO), the Netherlands
    2012 (September – December)
  • Study to explore the market opportunities of a comprehensive approach focusing on supporting NGOs/CBOs worldwide engaged in HIV/STI prevention for LGBT (Schorer)
    2011 (June – October)
  • Exploratory study on capacities of organisations and networks of People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) and their role in putting the GIPA Principle (Greater/Meaningful involvement of PLHIV) into practice (for donor policy development) (STOP AIDS NOW!, The Netherlands)
    2008 (June) – 2009 (March)
  • Team member in the Evaluation of the regional EMPOWERS Partnership Project on local water governance (CARE International/EU). Egypt, Jordan, Palestine
    2007 (May, June)
  • Team leader of the participatory evaluation of the Agro-Environmental Expansion Project, Minia and Beni Sueif Governorates, Egypt
    2005 (November – December)
  • Team leader of the Evaluation of the WID/GAD Programme of Mbulu Diocese (Misereor), Tanzania
    2005 (June, July)
  • Advising on the quality of the programme evaluation on food security (Novib/Oxfam Netherlands), Netherlands
    2005 (irregular inputs)
  • Team leader of the Evaluation of the WID/GAD Programme of Ethiopian Catholic Church (Misereor), Ethiopia
    2004 (November)
  • Strategy Evaluation of the Asia WID-Programme of FNV-Mondiaal, including a mission to India (FNV-Mondiaal/IAC)
    2004 (July – September)
  • Evaluation of the Asia/South Pacific Program of Heifer Project International (livestock/community development) with a focus on Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia (country program offices) and Hong Kong (fundraising office) (HPI)
    2004 (May – September)
  • Evaluation of the Women’s Funds Programme of Mama Cash (Mama Cash/Novib), Netherlands, India
    2003 (December) – 2004 (March)
  • Team member in the Mid-Term Review of a social welfare/housing programme in the plantation sector (Plantation Development Support Programme) (RNE). Sri Lanka
    2001 (September)
  • Participatory study on the relationship of local and government initiatives focusing on promoting the quality of life in rural areas in the North of the Netherlands (for policy improvement) (Province Groningen). The Netherlands
    2000 (October – December)
  • Team leader of the evaluation of a Network of organisations engaged in sustainable land use in Ethiopia and Eritrea (Novib), Ethiopia.
    2000 (June)
  • Team leader of the Impact Assessment Study Ratnapura IRDP covering a 12-year period (DGIS), Sri Lanka
    1998 (January – July)
  • Team leader of the Evaluation Mission of a NGO focusing on sustainable land use and community development (Novib), Eritrea
    1997 (June/July)
  • Evaluation of Participatory Rural Development Project (involvement of rural poor in development through self-help groups) (FAO/DGIS), Pakistan
    1996 (September)
  • Synthesis study for Policy Development on Food Security and Nutritional Improvement (final part of Programme Evaluation VPO Programme). (NOVIB, CARITAS NL, Dutch Interchurch Aid)
    1997 (March/April)
  • Team leader of the Programme Evaluation on Food Security and Nutrition Improvement (Preparation, mission to India (March 1996), reporting). (NOVIB, Caritas NL, Dutch Interchurch Aid)
    1995 (November) – 1996 (July)
  • Missions to design and establish a monitoring and evaluation system of the project “Action to Assist Rural Women in Tanzania” directed towards self-sustained women’s groups (ILO), Tanzania
     1995 (June), 1997 (January/February)
  • Resource person for the Review of the Environmental Impact Statement of APWELL, India (Working group Environmental Impact Assessment), The Netherlands
    1995 (May, June)
  • Backstopping of the Programme Evaluations of Income Generating Promotion and Development Programmes of CFOs (FACET), The Netherlands
    1995 (February)
  • Mid-Term Review People’s Participation Project (rural development through the promotion of self-help organisations) (FAO/DGIS), Zambia
    1994 (October)
  • Team leader of the Programme Evaluation on Sustainable Land Use in Southern Africa (preparation, mission to Botswana and reporting) (HIVOS/DGIS)
    1994 (February-July)
  • Review of the gender project “Training and support of women groups in agriculture” (part of an extension project) (Coopibo), Tanzania
    1993 (December)
  • Evaluation of integrated water management project with a focus on farmers’ participation (Systems Rehabilitation Project) (DGIS and World Bank), Bangladesh
    1993 (October -November)
  • Team leader Technical Assistance Project concerning training programmes for female informal sector workers for the Non-formal Education Project III (World Bank), Indonesia
    1993 (January-August)
  • Team member in the Review of the Women in Development Action Programme of the DGIS, The Netherlands
    1991 (January-March)
  • Backstopping missions to monitor, advise on M&E, institutional development and income generation/micro enterprise development (on and off-farm) and train staff of the People’s Participation Project (FAO), Swaziland
    1992 (October), 1991 (September – October), 1990 (May)

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