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To enable use of a set of tools in Microsoft file.

Click the Office button, select AutoKMS, and then click Enable.

Microsoftt Office Pro

Com about Office 2016 edio where Documentos NOS Software where edio Word (Texto), PowerPoint (apresentao) OneNote (Notas rpidas) pass SER Feita Vrias MOS Que podero trabalhar am mesmo tempo. Esse Recurso funcionar on Verso para Office 2016 diminui OS conflitos and colaborao, tornando maize fcil compartilhar Documentos, trabalhar a Conjunto USAR coautoria, mensagens instantneas, Hos Vdeo para Realizar Documentos profissionais rapidamente who sugestes Inteligentes, informaes Ideias NO Momento

Microsoft Project Pro

Planeje gerencie facilmente Seuss Projetos who Controles intuitivos Ferramentas where Equipe flexveis point ajudar Zia organizao produzir of valor where negcios rapidamente NO que IMPORTA, selecione facilmente NPP Serem executadas ie purchase Funes de Form Simples, whom Ouma experincia visual Avan new star Tela Nha Inicial no Pro project point to Office 365 as the item percorrer Funes bsicas where Projetos, Como organizar vincular tarefas criar um

Microsoft Visio Pro

Comece trabalhar who diagramao rapidamente who microns Conjunto selecionado where diagramas iniciais pr-elaborados Dicas truques diagramas profissionais OS 70 Modelos milhares Internos where Formas que atendem AOS Padres do Setor, Como:

Diagramas where negcios, Como fluxograma, cronograma, Diagrama Dinmico is where processos, Como fluxogramas multifuncionais, IDEF0 (Integration Definition for Process Modeling), BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) do Trabalho fluxos where Microsoft SharePoint. Diagramas where TI, Como ITIL (Biblioteca where infraestrutura where Tecnologia and informao), Active Directory, the solution detalhada electronic rack.

————————————————– ————————-

Google Translate.

Microsoftt Office Pro

With Office 2016 document editing software in the Word editing software (text), a PowerPoint (presentation), and OneNote (Quick Notes) shall be made in a number of hands that can be operated simultaneously. This function works in the office 2016 version reduces conflicts cooperation that makes it easy to share documents, work together and use the collaborative editing, instant messaging, voice and video, to make professional-looking documents quickly with intelligent suggestions, information and ideas at the right time. .. .

Microsoft Project Pro

Plan and manage their projects easily with intuitive controls and flexible tools team to help your business organization the cost of production, as soon as any issues, it is easy to choose the action that will be performed and look for simple functions, with the experience of visual Avan new home screen project Pro for Office 365 for scrolling the main functions of the project, how to organize and link tasks and create a schedule ….

Microsoft Visio Pro

Get started quickly with diagrams of the selected set of pre-built output charts and tips and tricks of professional diagrams 70 internal models and thousands of forms, relevant industry standards, such as:

Business diagrams, such as flowcharts, graphics, PivotDiagram and processes, such as cross-functional flowcharts, IDEF0 (Integration Definition for Process Modeling), BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) and Microsoft SharePoint work processes. Diagrams such as the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), Active Directory, and full network rack


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