Verona Groverman Consultancy
Ruysdaelkade 9
1072 AG Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 6 46 14 15 00
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MAPLESOFT mathematics, engineering and science, its main product update, 2015 Maple mathematical computer science education, research and software development published.

With Maple Maple 2015, two educators and researchers analyze the data, application development, training statistics, and more areas offers significant new opportunities.

Javor 2015 includes powerful new infrastructure for access to business and see millions of albums. Maple customers free time series of financial, economic, demographic, and actions and goods, exchange rates, labor market indicators, macroeconomic data vital statistics and much more available for the current data set. All data, regardless of whether it is based on Maple Kuandl, a provider of online curated data from hundreds of sources available via a link from the trial can be downloaded and used in Maple. Customers can use the powerful computer and data visualization tool for analyzing trends in Maple 2015, analyze, visualize and filter data on the basis of the results of building techniques and a variety of applications.

Maple, Maple update maintenance works in 2015. This update also showed improvement in 2015. Javor, which is available to all users, including:

– Support for high resolution monitors (4K UHD)

– Find command enhancements

– Improvements in data package

– Update plug-in for Microsoft Excel

– Improvements in the handling unit

– Several improvements Mathematics engine, interface and documentation

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