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Google Chrome v46

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Description: –

Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer and easier. Google Chrome also uses a new JavaScript engine (V8), which is much faster than existing javascript interpreters. This means you can create AJAX applications processing speeds are more complex and more intense and less restrictions. Finally, Google Chrome is built on Blink (WebKit fork), so Google Chrome users will benefit from the CSS3 features added to Blink (fork WebKit) as these features are released.

Features: –

A window for any job

direct access application

dynamic guide

control failure


Integration with Google Gears

For each tab in a separate process enshrined

real-time updates to the components of the program. nz/2016/05/31/fxhome-hitfilm-4-torrent/”>FXhome HitFilm 4 Torrent

indicator fast

Import settings from other browsers

download process simplified

secure browser

Use simple and fast WebKit HTML rendering

multiple language support and easy to use browser

Multithreading and relies browser

Google Chrome (Beta) is an experimental version of Google Chrome that is used to test new before adding them to the larger version stabil.Penambahan the latest Google Chrome (Beta) is the inclusion of applications of speech recognition. The browser includes a new Web Speech API, which provides developers with the tools to integrate speech recognition into their web applications. There is some controversy about the safety of these APIs and the application will be allowed to record and send audio.Google Chrome (Beta) also adds some security enhancements, the most important link. No permission apparent connection locks automatically. This is great and will make the developer continued to become more telus.Jika want to check what’s on the horizon for Chrome, please download and try the Google Chrome (Beta).


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