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Anak Mami Nasi Kandaq 2016

Anak Mami we KandaqMamu Nizam is an entrepreneur who runs our restaurant Handaq Al Basheer, and he lives with five beautiful daughters. He works hard every day to improve their business, but when it hits the rival restaurant owned by Mami Kalsom, businesses will begin to decline. Mamu then decides upon the daughters beautiful to attract customers, and the plan worked. As more and more people began to visit our restaurant Handaq Al Basheer, Mami plot a plan to win back customers. He asked his son to Crossdress as a woman to infiltrate Mamu`s restaurant and know the secret of success, but things took another turn when a child falls in love with one of the daughters.

Malay language

Classification: P13

General Release Date: July 6, 2016

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 1 hour 37 minutes

Distributor: ALTERNATE Pictures SDN BHD

Starring: Qi Razali, Fasha Sandha, Nur Risteena, Ezzaty Abdullah, Maria Farida

Director: Prof. A. Razak Mohaideen

Format: 2D

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